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Sensorium Galaxy Mediation Series Case Study

Sensorium Galaxy is a digital metaverse delivering out-of-this-world virtual experiences.
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Get ready to be mesmerized by the extraordinary collaboration between CreativeLimit Studio and Sensorium Galaxy. This case study unveils the magic behind their partnership, resulting in an awe-inspiring VR mediation series that left audiences enchanted.

Unearthing the Perfect Voices:

Sensorium Galaxy needed captivating voices for their 32-episode series. CreativeLimit Studio rose to the challenge, sharing 30+ custom demos until the perfect voices – Diane and Ryan – were discovered, casting a spell with their performances.

The Symphony of Success:

Dividing the series into batches of 8 episodes, CreativeLimit Studio flawlessly recorded each part. The artists grasped the essence of the project, leading to no revisions and an impeccable final result.

The Aces Behind the Screen:

Emily, the Client Success Manager, and Ryan Millers, Head of Corporate Sales and Support, led CreativeLimit Studio’s team to success. Aliona Orekhova, Brands and Ambassadors Integration Director, spearheaded the project at Sensorium Galaxy.

“Cooperative, fast, and excellent results of work. It was really easy and productive cooperation. Highly recommend this company!” – Aliona and the Team at Sensorium Galaxy.

Aliona Orekhova Brands and Ambassadors Integration Director

Join the Quest for Excellence:

Witness the magic of CreativeLimit Studio and Sensorium Galaxy. Elevate your projects with unparalleled voiceover services. Act now and embrace the journey of creating enchanting VR experiences!


The collaboration between CreativeLimit Studio and Sensorium Galaxy sets a new standard for VR voiceover excellence. Experience the enchantment; unlock the doors to VR marvels with CreativeLimit Studio. Step into a realm of awe!