Coronavirus Pandemic – How voice over industry is responding?

Let’s just face it. Coronavirus is scary because if we are not careful it would spread like wildfire. The good news is that if we all play our part wisely to stop the spread, it can only be contained by distracting each other, by avoiding social gatherings.

Mostly every country, city, town, the street is dead silence because of this Pandemic. Economies are going down, jobs are vanishing it is truly a hard time for each and everyone regardless of the nature of the job. So how come voice over industry could be immune to this virus.

While several projects have been terminated, at the present an increasing amount of queries indicates that voice over work will not go away and could very well increase. Not unexpectedly, Demand for medical narrations, broadcasts, and non-Broadcast explainers, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is growing.

And, Yes!! that doesn’t mean every location is responding as same. A substantial reduction in some areas for the time being, but overall volumes of work remain high.

Here is the question then, Are we ready for this? and the answer to the question is YES!! This is not “business as usual” for any of us but at CreativeLimit Studio we are well prepared to produce projects without any interruption, at a fast pace and also to the premium quality that our clients have always expected.

CreativeLimit Studio has a roster of over 100+ accomplished and competent male and female voices, featuring numerous languages and dialects from all over the world.

The majority of experienced voice actors with whom we work do have a professional studio recording setup at home as well.
Lockdowns and self-quarantine have resulted in sufficient availability and this provides us with a chance for quicker delivery schedules for our clients. 80% of projects within 24 hours.

To address our subcontractor’s agitation. We will continue to work with the same integrity and honesty for which we were always recognized. There are No Exceptions.

Together, we will get through this

Stay Home, Say Safe.